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Mole Concept : 

Mole : 

Mole is amount of substance which containing as many entities ( atoms, molecules , ions ) which is equla to number of atom present in 12g weight of C12 isotope and one mole quantity contain 6.022 × 10 to the power 23 entities and it is known as Avogadro number ( Na or Number ) .

Number of C12 atoms = Total Mass/mass of ne atom C12

Gram-particle means mole

Once upon a time 'Mole' was unknown. Then scientists were looking for a name. The idea was this. 12g carbon was molar mass and also called gram atmoic mass.
Mole concept explanation, what is mole concept
Mole concept

Molar mass = Gram atomic mass 
Strike out *mass* word from above relation.
To get
Molar = Gram atomic
Mole = Gram atom
Mole related Conversions
Mole concept full explanation,mole concept kya hai

1u = 1/NA g

1g = NA × 1u

12g Carbon is 1 mole

1g Carbon is 1/12 mole

12u Carbon is just one atom (1/NA mol)

1u Carbon impossible

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